Devil´s Bridge

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Die Rakotzbrücke findest du im Kromlauer Park in der Oberlausitz. Bevor ich dir meine Erlebnisse rund um die Rakotzbrücke zeige, hier ein besonderer Tipp für einen extrem coolen Ausflug für die ganze Familie: Die Geheime Welt von Turisede. Hier kannst du in einem Baumhaushotel übernachten oder einfach nur einen Tag im außergewöhnlichsten Freizeitpark Deutschlands verbringen. Dort bekommst du auch gutes lokales Essen. Bei der Rakotzbrücke selbst gibt es leider keine Einkehrmöglichkeit, deswegen der Tipp für Turisede. Serviert wird ein gigantisch guter Mohnkuchen… Deshalb mein persönliches Votum für die Turisede als Ausflug in dieser Gegend. So hast du den ganzen Tag genügend zu tun und die Anfahrt lohnt sich wirklich.
–> Hier findest du einen Eindruck von der Geheimen Welt von Turisede.

Schau dir vor deinem Rakotzbrücke Ausflug auf der Webseite alles genau an. Lies dir meine Beiträge durch, so verpaßt du nichts. Tausende andere Leser profitieren täglich von meinen persönlichen Tipps. Wenn dir die eine oder andere Information weiter geholfen hat, kannst du damit auch deinen Freunden eine Freude machen: Teile mit ihnen den entsprechenden Link. Das geht mit einem Klick am Ende dieses Beitrags. So kannst du den Beitrag kostenlos als WhatsApp, Email oder per Facebook senden. Deine Freunde werden es dir danken.
So und nun viel Spaß im Kromlauer Park an der Rakotzbrücke!

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Devil´s Bridge Germany: Rakotz Bridge in the Park Kromlau
Devil´s Bridge Germany: Rakotz Bridge in the Park Kromlau
Devil´s Bridge

Devil´s Bridge Germany: The Rakotz Bridge

The Rakotz Bridge in Kromlau is known as Devil´s Bridge Germany. The length of the bridge is 19.8 meters. It was originally built between 1866 and 1875. It was extensively renovated by spring 2021. The work has been completed and the Rakotz Bridge is open to visitors again. It is under monument protection. The Devil´s Brigde is one of the 35 most beautiful places in Germany. Due to the mystical backdrop with the reflection in the Rakotzsee, the Rakotzbrücke is one of the most beautiful sights in Saxony and is also one of the most visited places in Germany! You can find the famous bridge in the east of Germany, almost in Poland. Thousands of people come to the small town in Saxony every year. There are significantly more visitors than inhabitants: Kromlau has just 300 inhabitants. A big disparity, isn’t it? Just imagine the ratio: every year come much more visitors than people live here.

You will find the popular Devil´s Bridge in Kromlau. The location doesn’t mean anything to you? This is a small town in the district of Görlitz, far in the east of Germany. The most eastern point of Germany is not far away! You won’t pass by this sight in Germany by coincidence. You have to plan this trip properly. I stumbled upon this sight by chance on the internet. Afterwards i planned the trip. I am now passing on my experiences and everything I was able to learn on this website to anyone who is interested. So you can plan your trip to the Rakotz Bridge perfectly.

300 residents live in Kromlau, thousands of visitors come from outside on nice days. This is just as disproportionate as at the well-known Grüner See, the Pragser Wildsee or the Reschensee. They’ve become just as popular photo hotspots. Read the information about it here and take a look at the pictures: The Green Lake – the turquoise-green Caribbean, the Pragser Wildsee as the most beautiful lake in the Dolomites and the Reschensee with its church tower in the lake allure with their very special charm! There are also great place for everyone who loves nature. Absolutely worth seeing, maybe for your next trip into nature? – But please with the appropriate consideration for nature and the people who live here.

Is the Rakotzbrücke a devil’s bridge?

Magical Rakotz Bridge - known as the Devil´s Bridge Germany
Magical Rakotz Bridge – known as the Devil´s Bridge Germany

Several particularly imposing bridges have been associated with the devil in the past. It used to be thought that particularly complex bridges could only be built with the help of the devil. There is also a legend about the stone bridge in Regensburg. In addition, the term Teufelsbrücke has become established for bridges with particularly steep arches. It was the same with the Rakotz Bridge. Hence the name Devil’s Bridge. On the following pages of this domain, I will show you everything you need to know for your visit to the Teufelsbrücke: from how to get there to a description of the bridge, where the name comes from and, above all, what is worthwhile during your visit. The bridge is located in a huge park, which in itself is worth a visit. Before we get to the Kromlauer Park in the next section, more details about the bridge. In this post I have collected all the information about the Rakotzbrücke:
-> Teufelsbrücke

Kromlau Rhododendron Park

The Rhododendron Park Kromlau is one of the largest rhododendron gardens of Germany! Therefore just the park is popular to visit. The 200 hectar landscape park offers plenty of space for the popular plants. The huge park was a nature reserve for a while. This allowed the flowers to spread and multiply. After reunification of former DDR and Western Germany, the park came into the possession of the municipality of Gablenz. The landscape park was laid out in the middle of the 19th century. The reason for this was a park nearby: the landowner Friedrich Hermann Rötschke also wanted a park like the big Branitzer Park of Fürst Pückler. So he founded the Kromlauer Park. Kromlau thanked – in his honor there is a memorial stone. You can see it at your visit in the Kromlauer Park.

However, the Kromlau Rhododendron Park came about later. Over the years it has grown and become what it is today. Countless rhododendrons are now growing in Kromlauer Park. The flowering time is extremely spectacular . It attracts visitors from all over the world every year. People come in particularly large numbers at Pentecost. During this time most rhododendrons are in bloom. Therefore, the Park and Blossom Festival takes place every year at Pentecost. Up to 35,000 visitors are drawn to this festival in the large park in Saxony. It’s more than just a festival of flowers, it’s more of a big folk festival. Regardless: Click here for all information and pictures of Kromlauer Park– so you get an impression of the fascinating landscape park before your visit.
–> Kromlauer Park opening hours
–> Kromlauer Park entrance fees

Rakotzsee – Lake at the Devil´s Bridge

The Rakotzsee is the lake at the Devil´s Bridge
The Rakotzsee is the lake at the Devil´s Bridge, nice place for a break

The Rakotzsee is the central element in the park in Kromlau. As it got older, the Rakotzsee kept losing water. Especially after dry summers and in autumn there was often very little water in the lake. This is one of the reasons why the Rakotzsee had to be extensively renovated – and yes, it’s worth coming back. The renovation work is complete! Now, after the renovation, you can find the grotto at Rakotzsee again. Next to her is this grand staircase that you see in the picture above these lines. It is a great place to see the Rakotzsee including the Rakotzbrücke. Bring a picnic and stay here. The perfect place in the shade on hot summer days. Before or after you visit the rest of the lake. You can walk around the Rakotzsee in about 15 minutes on an easy hiking trail. In the middle of the lake is the basalt organ – a work of art made of stones based on nature. More information about the Rakotzsee is available here.

Devil´s Bridge Germany – how to get there?

I have all the information here for your perfect arrival – whether you want to come by car or by train . Both are possible. Arriving by car is more comfortable. With a click on the red button below these lines you will find the official parking lot , which is very close to the Teufelsbrücke. From the car park you can walk to the famous vantage point in about 5 minutes. At the viewpoint you can sit on a bench. From here you have a unique view over the lake and see the most photographed perspective with the reflection of the Rakotzbrücke. Here is the link with all the information about it:
–> this is how to get there

Rakotzbrücke in italiano – Ponte del Diavolo
Rakotzbrücke in polish – Most Rakotza
Rakotzbrücke v češtině – Dáblův most
Rakotzbrücke en français – Pont du Diable
Rakotzbrücke in het nederlands – Duivelsbrug
Rakotzbrücke auf deutsch – Rakotzbrücke

Most frequently asked questions about the Devil´s Bridge Germany

What is the Devil´s Bridge in Germany?

The Devil’s Bridge in Germany, often referred to as „Teufelsbrücke“ in German, is a term used to denote several historical bridges across Europe. These bridges are often associated with folklore or legends, attributing their construction to the assistance of supernatural or diabolical forces due to their architectural complexity.
In different regions of Germany, there are various Devil’s Bridges with their own unique stories and characteristics. One such notable Devil’s Bridge is the Rakotz Bridge (Rakotzbrücke) in Kromlau, Saxony. This bridge, though not associated with an actual demonic legend, is named the Devil’s Bridge due to its distinctive, arched design and its mystical reflection in the Rakotzsee Lake, creating a perfect circular shape when viewed from certain angles. The bridge’s construction dates back to the 19th century and has been restored in recent years, drawing numerous visitors due to its picturesque appearance.

Is the Rakotz Bridge accessible? Can you walk across the Rakotz Bridge?

This is the most common question about the Devil´s Bridge Germany in Kromlau. And NO, you cannot cross the Rakotz Bridge. It is even expressly forbidden to walk across the Devil’s Bridge. After the bridge was renovated, a barrier was put in place to prevent anyone from climbing the bridge. Not only would it be dangerous to walk across the bridge, it would also damage the structure. The pictures you find on the internet of people standing on the bridge are photomontages!

Why is the Rakotz Bridge called the Devil’s Bridge?

The name Devil´s Bridge comes from the shape of the bridge. It is so strongly curved that one used to speak of such steep bridges as devil’s bridges. Only the devil is able to build such a steep bridge. The term has stuck to this day. Here is all the information about the Devil’s Bridge in Kromlau.

Is a visit to the Rakotzbrücke Kromlau worthwhile?

We would say yes. During our visit to Saxony, we specifically planned the trip to the Rakotz Bridge. We wanted to see the magic bridge and it is really a special picture how the arch of the bridge is reflected in the water of the Rakotzsee. Also, take some time to explore the park.

When is the best time to visit the Devil´s Bridge in Germany?

That’s very difficult to say. Each season has its special feature! In spring, the thousands of azalea and rhododendron blossoms are particularly attractive. In summer, the cool, shady forest around the Rakotzsee offers a pleasant cooling off on hot days. In autumn, a colorful mixed forest awaits you, which looks very nice on the photo. On cool winter days with fog or snow, the bridge unfolds a special mysticism. What speaks to you the most?

When is the perfect time for the best Devil´s Bridge picture?

The opinions are different. Some photographers do not recommend coming in autumn, others prefer autumn. We were there in the summer. I’ve seen a lot of pictures by now – and to be honest: every season has something for itself! I think the right time of day is more important. The Rakotzbrücke picture looks best when the sun is not beating down from above. Side light is important, then the circular arc is best. Side lighting quickly creates the necessary depth in the image – this works in summer as well as in autumn.

Can you visit the Rakotz Bridge with a dog?

Yes, that is possible. The wide footpaths are ideal for a trip with a dog. However, a leash is compulsory in the park. The dog leash may be a maximum of 1.5 meters long.

Are drones allowed to fly?

No. The municipality has banned the use of drones in the entire Kromlauer Park. In this respect, flying at or around the Devil´s Bridge is not possible. In the past, you could buy a permit for a drone flight from the municipality. Today that is no longer possible. Apparently the demand was too great and the other visitors felt disturbed.

What should be considered during this visit?

Keep in mind that Kromlau is not the only place where day trippers travel to see Kromlau Park and the Rakotz Bridge. People also live here. Be considerate of these people. This includes parking in the official car park, taking your rubbish with you and avoiding noise of any kind. It’s actually quite simple: Imagine you lived here – what would you expect from the visitors?

Is this the film location of The Lord of the Rings?

No. Also because the Devil’s Bridge looks magical and would fit well into the film The Lord of the Rings , it doesn’t appear as a film location. However, the bridge has been a film location for other films. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Matrix were filmed here, among others.

Is the lake at Rakotz Bridge naturally?

No, the Rakotzsee was created artificially. It is one of the landscape elements of the Kromlau Park.

Has the renovation work on the Rakotz Bridge been completed?

Yes, the renovation of the Devil´s Bridge in Germany is done. They lasted four years. In July 2021, the renovation of Kromlauer Park, including the renewal of Rakotzsee and Teufelsbrücke, was completed. Since then, Kromlauer Park has been open to visitors again.

Are there more famous bridges to visit in Europe?

The Rakotzbrücke is certainly one of the most famous bridges in Germany. Here you can find more famous bridges in the post. They are spectacular and worthwhile in their own way.

Are there more such worthwhile places?

Yes. Check out the best travel blogs and tips here. The page about the Rakotzbrücke is one of the 50 most beautiful blogs. In the following article we will tell you which other breathtaking places Germany has to offer. In addition to this unique bridge in Saxony, there are similarly beautiful places and photo locations. Do you already know the 49 other highlights? Here are the 50 travel blog tips

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